This album was recorded from 2008 to 2012, and contains songs written from as early as 2006. The recordings were resurrected, mastered, and finalized in 2014. Most of these songs were composed in college, with a few done in high school and some after college as well.

Released July 16, 2014



  1. Stairway
  2. B♭ Song
  3. Portage
  4. The Beach
  5. Symphony No. 1
  6. Star Gazer
  7. Skye's Song
  8. Along the Dream
  9. Old Man and the Sea
  10. Lullaby
  11. Rapids
  12. Auditorium
  13. Chestnut Hill
  14. The Attic
  15. Consonance
  16. Symphony No. 2
  17. The Cave
  18. Winter Song
  19. Perfect Snow

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