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This website has all of the music I've written since I started writing music in ~2005.

The albums section contains full albums bundled up ready to play and download. Everything else is either organized in playlists or just dumped on the main page.

All music is available for free to play and to download as FLAC files or mp3 rips (V0 quality).

Lists of all mp3 and FLAC files are generated automatically and availalbe at:

If you enjoy the music, donations are welcome (see below) but not required. Also feel free to email me at dave@daveeddy.com and let me know which songs you like the most :). Enjoy!


10/6/2019 New Song EVERGLOW (에버글로우) + Formal One & DoubleV Mashup - Adios Tortuga
9/19/2019 New Song Frostbound
8/22/2019 New Song Escape (D_AAN Piano Remix)
3/30/2019 New Song Pendulum + Sonic Colors - Aquarium Fountain (Mashup)
3/29/2019 New Song Sleep-walking (Dreamcatcher Cover)
12/6/2018 New Song Carol of the Bells (Second Rendition)
1/15/2018 New Song I'm With You
12/6/2017 New Song In Veneration
10/20/2017 New Albums Three New Albums - Winter, Summer, and Signal EP
7/26/2017 New Website https://music.daveeddy.com (this site)
7/16/2014 New Album Memories





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