by Dave Eddy


Various remixes I've made.

This music is completely free to play and download as much as you like.

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Jenny - Studio Killers METAL REMIX (I wanna ruin our friendship, tiktok trend) sped up

[Instrumental] Helikopter METAL REMIX original by Fazlija // tiktok metal cover

Helikopter METAL REMIX original by Fazlija // tiktok metal cover

Alien's Lair - Contra (NES game) METAL REMIX

Quiet Robe Theme REMIX - Metroid Dread (Brinstar Red Soil Theme)

Bumpin Hard METAL REMIX original by Jaxx & Vega X SaberZ

STAY Rock Version // The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber remix

The Magic Bomb METAL Hoàng Read // tiktok magic bomb trend remix

Opus No. 1 REMIX // cisco phone hold music

Japanese Stutter METAL REMIX tiktok song // orig by Prod.Suave Lee

Bezos I - Bo Burnham REMIX // CEO, Entrepreneur, born in 1964

Simple Dimple pop it squish METAL REMIX // tiktok m&a

#BrooklynBloodPop! Ethereal Remix // tiktok syko song

laura les - Haunted METAL REMIX

Mukkbang! METAL REMIX Lil Cherry & GOLDBUUDA // tiktok mukkbang

SugarCrash! METAL REMIX ElyOtto // tiktok sugar crash

[Instrumental] Dasu - 86 (Metal Remix)

Dasu - 86 (Metal Remix)

Big Chungus Emotional Piano Remix

Chug Jug With You METAL REMIX - Fortnite Song