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Nothing but Thieves x Home Depot MASHUP - Welcome to the DCC(epot)

The Future Talks that Talk - TWICE (트와이스) x KIM PETRAS Mashup

Fusion Demons MASHUP - Kim Petras x Perfume

Gargoyle Pump It Up MEGAMIX

EVERGLOW (에버글로우) + Formal One & DoubleV Mashup - Adios Tortuga

Pendulum + Sonic Colors - Aquarium Fountain (Mashup)

FEMM + Timbaland Mashup - The Way I Countdown

D.Holic (디홀릭) + Formal One & Double V Mashup - Color Me Black Hawk

Luna (루나) + Paul Oakenfold (ft. Amba Shepherd) + Owl City Mashup - U Are Galaxy

Pendulum + Feint (ft Boyinaband + Veela) Mashup - The Time Fountain

Flo Rida + Dance With The Dead MASHUP - Right Round Invader

TVXQ! and Girl's Generation Mashup - Wanna Catch Me If You Can

Crayon Pop and Martin Gerrix Mashup - Virus All Night